We are a Personal Assistant Support Service based in Hinckley Leices. Specializing in supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health,  Asperger’s Autism, Families and Children.


We are committed to supporting you the individual, enabling you to live a lifestyle of your choosing.
We work within a Person Centered Holistic Approach. Where your choices are paramount. We promote growth through Inclusion, Empowerment, Choice, and Personal Independence for the Best Outcomes for you the client.


We offer a complete Personal Assistant Support Service
tailored to your individual needs for the following:

Housing - Supporting you to live an Independent Life style.
Shopping - Domestic help - Meal Prep - Medical appointments.
Budgeting - Benefits Assistance - Using Public Transport.
Social Activities - Encouraging you to be part of the community.
Plus One to One support of your choice.
Full Access to Pineapple Social Calendar.a88a23dba8122a971edc8080f9ecb74f We hold a Monthly Social Group - Come and Join us.


We run a Professional Befriending Service - with a dedicated team of P.A’s. Which enables us to provide you with your very own personal friend, plus befriend you with other clients.
Pineapple also have a Day Provision at our Community Base. This offers a range of structured activities like a day center but under our P. A. Service, with planned activities of your choosing.
Both at our base and in the local community.


Under our Day Provision we offer.
Cooking skills, Computer skills, Voluntary work with support,
Personal Gym Sessions with a P. A. or trained instructor,
Pamper Sessions, Crafts, Gardening, Woodwork. Plus local community
activities such as Swimming, Bowling, Cinema, Museums, outings etc.


Remember it’s our differences that make us unique.
Don’t be afraid to be different
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