Our Testimonials

"Pineapple is good and excellent everyone is so helpful and kind"

"I do lots of cooking and I like cooking"

"I do maths and gym."

"We have been to Skegness, bird gardens and shopping."


"If pineapple Support services were a suit of armour they would be very, very shiny.

"I am a very proud person who is disabled and did not want to accept any support from anyone.

"Since having Pineapple Support Services, “I know it sounds corny” but they have really transformed my life.

"I had letters not opened for years. They have sorted all my debt out and helped me to budget on a regular basis. They have helped me apply for benefits and some I didn’t know I was entitled to.

"I have had my bedroom furniture mended and lounge painted. I have a P.A. that cleans on a regular basis and also takes me out to the library to update my housing bid. Pineapple is helping me to move. I don’t have to worry about my personal budget because I use their provider managed account."

"“PineapplePay” I am able to bank some hours and use them for a day trip on a Saturday. So far I have been to a motor bike show, been to Black Country Museum."

"I also get full support for all my medical appointments. Pineapple have organised for me to attend an open mind clinic, which really helps me."


"I am a lady that suffers from Bi-polar."

"I get my support through the Inclusion Support Service."

"Since I have had Pineapple Support Services, I have been out on social outings of my choosing."

"The P.A.’s are very caring and I have a very reliable team of 3"

"It has transformed my life, as previously I spent all my time in bed."

"They have helped me with my mental health issues. I have now someone I can trust to share my worries with."

"They always offer me lots of reassurance, and have supported me to my Mental Health clinic to help keep me well."

"I now go out twice a week with the support of Pineapple Support Services. Also I go once a month with the hours they have banked to my spiritualist church, which I find uplifting. But I would not go by myself."

"I now have extra hours and have help with my cleaning and clothes shopping."


"Pineapple Support Services have helped me with everyday chores for example, cleaning, shopping, and washing. Getting me out socialising with people in the community. They have supported me through the hardest decisions in my life."