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Opening A World Of Opportunity For All…

6 Great Reasons To Choose Us... 😎

We are a local, county-wide specialised support service – based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. (We also cover surrounding areas).

We specialise in and enjoy, supporting adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Issues, Asperger’s – and Autism. We also undertake work with families and children.

We are committed to supporting you, the individual – enabling you to live a lifestyle of your choosing. Support can be varied to suit people with mild, or even complex needs.

We work within a person centred approach at all times, with your choices in mind. We promote growth through inclusion, empowerment, choice and personal independence for the best outcomes for you – the client.

We provide the highest standards of service provision, ensuring the service user is central – to all decision making.

We make your differences something to celebrate!

What We Do... 🤔

We take pride in making sure that the support you need is at the forefront of our matching service, where we make sure all the support is in place from matching you to personal assistants – all the way through to your personal requirements, taking into account age, gender, religious and cultural needs, enabling you to live an independent lifestyle.

Why Pineapple? 😕

We “WELCOME” (that’s our ethos – everyone with differences, and celebrate those differences. We help all of our clients understand that their differences, are their greatest gift – for they help them be even more unique!

Our Mission... 💪

Don't To Be Different...

Is our company motto. We offer support in a completely unique way – with a person centred approach, but tailored to our client’s needs and choices which are paramount. 

This promotes independance to empower you through personal choice and inclusion – enabling you to live the lifestyle of your choosing, with your privacy and rights in mind. 

We always work in a respectful manner. We work in partnership with you and other services involved in your life wherever possible. 

We will always uphold your rights and treat with you with dignity and respect, building you a dedicated, consistent team of personal assistants around you. 

This is not just a statement – we work to this ethos every working day Monday through to Saturday.

Pineapple Support Services Ltd, believes EVERY individual should have the right to fulfil their full potential whatever your circumstances.

Pineapple Support Services Ltd, promise to treat every client as an individual with all that entails celebrating your individuality.

We Value, What We Do... 😌

The enjoyment we see with our professional staff helping clients achieve outcomes (some wouldn’t have imagined) – is second to none!

To us, the value is seeing our clients…

"Have As Individuals..."