Frequently Asked Questions...

🙂 Here are some FAQ’s – the most common questions we get asked, here at Pineapple… 🙂

We help and support people with Mental Health challenges, Autism & Aspergers.

Currently, we have numerous clients (with space for more). We don’t view our clients as a number, we view them as individuals – and so do not wish to place ‘numbers’ on our answer.

We do not wish to pressurise anyone into feeling that we at Pineapple, are the only solution. Yet, the answer to that question hypothetically is – we have almost 7 experience years as Pineapple, but we have an incredible 30 years of experience in working with clients in this field. We have specifically designed premises, activities, highly trained staff and so much more – that make us the ‘go to’ choice for supporting people with these individual, but specific needs.

We believe that we all need a ‘why’ we do something. Here at Pineapple, our why is clear. We are passionate about helping, caring, supporting and celebrating the unique differences that we ALL have as individuals. At our core, is individuality. We don’t see our clients as ‘different’. We see them and value them, as ‘unique’ – and it is this vision that makes us successful in catering for the uniqueness, that all of our clients face in their lives.

Our staff are highly trained to SNVQ/NVQ standard, kind, empathetic and supportive individuals who understand the needs of our clients, very very well. They are here to help facilitate bringing the best out in our clients, and this is done via one word. Caring. Here at Pineapple, our staff ‘ice our caring cake’, and help make us the success story that we are!

Competition is always going to be around. This is why at Pineapple – we do things a little different. We choose not to view any competitors – as competitors. We simply raise our standards in all that we do, above those in our space. At our core are only the needs of the clients we support, which is why we have been so successful over the years. We give our clients one thing. The feeling that they are valued, and this – is what creates the win-win.

We believe that variety, breeds roundedness. That means, that by giving our clients a wide range of activities to get involved with, experience and accomplish – we not only give them new skills, but we build on them at their very core. The feeling of ‘I can do this’, building them into more able, confident people (and you cannot put a price on that).

Sure! We want to make sure that what we offer is 100% right for you. We want to also help you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have. We aim to make anything you are unclear about, get ironed out. We can do this over a tea or coffee (whichever you prefer) – every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll be able to enjoy the full atmosphere of everything we have to offer on these days. You’ll also get a feel for the empowering environment we have created here at Pineapple, too.

We are open for support, from Monday to Saturday each week.

Feel free to contact us (using the link at the bottom of this page) – for a full explanation, so that we can assess the most competitive fee and the most beneficial service to you.

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